Monday, March 28, 2011

Sucker Punch

Good day readers!

I want to apologize for anyone who was looking forward to my Sucker Punch review, or rather just my thoughts on the movie. I would have loved to released a blog post more in time with the movie, but sometimes my time is short because of work, school assignments, and finding the time to make a blog.

To start, for those who've already seen the movie, what did you think?

I can say I understand the mixed reactions, and I think there are likely more people who may have not loved the movie, and maybe some who did. Isn't that great though about opinions? Who is right? Well frankly no one is wrong, when it comes down to it.

So, was Sucker Punch a great visual masterpiece on the silver screen, or was it a convoluted disaster and waste of time?

Well, that is something I can't answer for you because I enjoyed the movie, but I admit I didn't love it, and I only "liked" it. There was some glaring problems with the movie, some issues I had, and I even got a little lost inside the movie, albeit I also had fun, enjoyed the visual eye candy of the movie (more on that), and ultimately I came away pleased but not excited as I would have liked.

The first big flaw I had about the movie was the story. Now I'm going to admit I wasn't hoping for much a story in this movie. I was only hoping to watch some pretty girls beat some Samurai statues around, kill a few dragons, and fight a bunch of Steampunk soldiers. In that regard, I came away pleased, but it's hard to ignore the story was losing itself a few times and even confused me a bit. The problem I had going on was deciding if Zack Snyder was trying to give me a great action movie or deep "psychological" thriller of some sort. He really did bring some great enjoyable imagination scenes that made me have fun with the movie, but his storytelling was really off beat and at times it just seemed like characters were going from place to place without any smooth transitions.

 Pick your flavor.

The characters I felt weren't well developed, and at times I felt the movie was trying to get me to be emotional about the characters and their situation, or should I just say Baby Doll's story. We know why she's in the insane asylum, although we don't learn anything else relating to the other crazy girls inside there. Baby Doll and her "crazy" inmates don't even seem like people that should belong in this nut house, so why are they there? Did their evil step fathers throw them in there too? Well, forget about knowing any of these ladies, because most of them seem to be just there to fill the screen with sexy ladies. A shame really, it would have helped me care for the characters more when the movie wanted me to.

That is perhaps the biggest gripe I had with the movie, and while anyone will say the action, fantasy, and eye catching scenes can more than make up for it, the problem was that it helps soften the blow, but it doesn't save the film sadly.

To clarify, the movie's greatest moments were these high fantasy scenes, where Baby Doll goes into her imaginary world, fights Samurai Statues come to life, totting machine guns, giant swords, and other weapons. When Baby Doll gets battered around the floor by these statues, and the stone floor shatters and breaks beneath her, yet she comes out with nary a scratch, you feel like you're watching something from a video game. When you see the gang going around shooting some Steampunk mechanized soldiers, and the camera goes into this almost First Person view like a video game, it's pretty exciting and looks cool. All of these little touches makes me feel like Zack Snyder was trying to make a movie for gamers, fantasy lovers, and people who don't care for story.

Who loves hot girls with guns and machine gun robots with Rabbit faces?

That would have been great. I also appreciate the movie doesn't just sex up the girls; in fact I can see how it shows "empowerment" towards females. These girls sure look pretty, and while they wear some really stylish and beautiful wardrobes, the movie does retain a bit of classiness that keeps it clean. I enjoy that, because it makes the characters a little more human, normal, and believable, yet at the same time we don't get that human story we had hoped for in the movie. So sorry anyone who had hoped to see panty shots and other degrading shots of the girls. There's no sexy shower scene and never do we see the girls even topless from the back.
Overall, I have to say be cautious about this movie. I believe renting it may be best, because not everyone may be able to justify the price of admission for this movie. I would personally watch it again, because there have been movies where I expected one thing and came away unhappy or not fully satisfied, but when I watched them again, knowing what to expect, I had found them more enjoyable. Also thank you again for reading my article. As for my next subject, I have a few ideas around, so hopefully I can post one soon within the week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Movies and Games

Hello there readers, let me just say a quick thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I still am trying to decide how to publish this site and how to utilize it both as an interesting piece of information for friends and family, while keeping me focused with school and projects I will hopefully be updating this in the near future with. If you have any feedback, feel free to post comments or email me at I will welcome any feedback :)

Now I'd like to talk about a little something I'm excited for today, and that something is the release of a movie called Sucker Punch. It's created by Zack Snyder, and stars a very beautiful and wonderful rising cast of stars that I think should be perfect for the fit. Well, all except maybe Vanessa Hudgens, but I'll give her an equal chance too, so no worries. It's not that I don't like her or anything, but considering her past movies were mainly the High School Musical series, we'll just say I'm not holding my breath. Still, I must admit, the main draw I have in this movie is more for it's visual flair and eye candy and fantastical set pieces more than anything. Looking at the reviews on Rotten Tomato (as of this writing it's at a 29%), it does seem to be drawing some heavy criticism about it's length, the story (or perhaps lack of), and being nothing more than visual eye candy.

This is the money shot baby! 

Frankly, that's all I want from this movie! I understand that movie tickets aren't cheap these days, and perhaps most people going to the movies, or movie buffs in general, expect movies to be more than flash and all about substance. I'm not saying I don't love a film that has great character development, though provoking plot twists, and strong narrative and acting that will leave a lasting impression on you for years to come, but with that said I think this movie has many strong points from both critics bashing and standing for it, that I will enjoy.

I'd criticize this for not making sense, but since when does fantasy have to?

Some people have compared it to a video game, some people say it's just tossing around so many nonsensical fantasy elements that the movie loses it's luster in the story department, and others say.... well just things about the most nitpicky things that I feel totally are not what one should have from a movie of this kind. What do I mean by that? Well frankly put, how many times have we gone into a movie, expecting it to be something specific, and then coming out pleased by having those expectations met, even if it wasn't the greatest movie, or the most likely to win an award for Best Picture because it was flawed, yet it still had great moments you were hoping for?

Looks like she won't be cold now.

I realize I have not seen this movie yet, but I will be soon, and when I do I'm going to report back later what I think. My expectations for this movie is just to watch some girls kick butt, have fun, and overall have some great set pieces, battles, and other flare that will make me go "Wow!" more than anything. If the characters aren't well developed, the acting is so bad it kills the enjoyment, or even the movie is just overall terrible, I won't turn a blind eye at it. I'll give you my opinionistic review shortly after, until then folks, take care!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For My First!

Today I decided to create my blog, in hopes of having a place that I can continue to post down thoughts for my life, as well as post any upcoming work and projects for the future.

For any who are not familiar with what I do, or plan to be doing in the future, I'm aspiring to become a video game programmer. I really want to work hard to strive and work in the game industry. So with that said, I need a place where I can put my thoughts down, a place where I'll be able to show off any future work I'm working on, and hopefully keep in touch with family and friends.

This will be a short simple post, but I will make a weekly goal to try and update my blog with material that the reader will enjoy. I'm hoping to learn a few things when writing to my blogs:
1. Be able to write more effectively and learn how to write to an audience
2. Keep some kind of personal goals that I will share and talk about with here
3. See the progress I'll have come and gone through as an individual.

So with that said, I will bid you all farewell and a goodnight for now.