Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dexter- I'm in Love with a Killer

Television has produced many great shows throughout it's life, and while I've watched everything from Anime to Sitcoms to Reality to Drama, I have NEVER been so satisfied and so engaged in any television show, as I have with Dexter. While there have been many great series and shows that I love (The Simpsons, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, X-Files, Pokemon, Bleach, Death Note, Desperate Housewives, and so many more), and shows or genres that I have strongly disliked (Mostly any reality television from Real Housewives of ____ to Sweet 16 and so forth), there has never been a show that has gripped me and had me in it's bind as strong as Dexter.

This show gets my blood pumping, my heart racing, my fists clenching, and my physical and mental being a complete workout. Dexter, a Showtime series, has made me love television again. What I love about Dexter is probably that it does so many things so well and keeps me entertained through the very end. It's hard to pin just one thing about it, but I'm going to tell you what I really love about this series, and why YOU should be watching it, if you already haven't. 

For those of you who have just started watching, or haven't watched yet, I won't spoil anything in this blog. Also, if you love Dexter, perhaps you'll agree with me on why this show is amazing. 

In the Beginning

Dexter, is a show about a forensic blood spatter analyst named Dexter Morgan. He also has a bit of an issue, see our protagonist here, LOVE to kill. He enjoys killing people, and really has no remorse for doing so. You may wonder, "Why am I going to watch a show about a guy who kills people, and is crazy?" 
Well if I had to tell you that answer, I would kill the entire first season for you. So to avoid that, here's why you'll love watching him kill. Dexter, doesn't kill people without reason. He has a code he follows, and a purpose for killing people. Needless to say, Dexter really does have a heart and he is human still. There's just a part of him that is a little messed up, and for good reason too!

Before you continue to doubt that you'll love watching a serial killer murder people and that you can't get behind the idea why he does what he does, the first season will answer your questions and you'll be engrossed hopefully within the first few episodes! 

Killing Isn't Just the Only Way

What makes this show so great, is that I personally fell in LOVE with the characters, and HATED the characters that were meant to be hated. That's not all too, when there were some twists that happened where you learned something about character you had no clue whether they were out to hurt or be hurt, I had literally gasped in shocked many times over the revelation of this character's true purpose, many times. 

Dexter tells the story and life of all it's main characters and side characters so well, that you begin to feel for these people. I could not help but love how some of the characters turned out through the first season, that season 2 really pulled my heartstrings more when many of these characters had more prominent roles and mishaps or success following them throughout. 

Dexter gives us interesting characters the remain grounded in reality. These characters don't seem to ever do things that just have a purpose of trying to shock the audience, or trying to make them sad, or any of that. When these things happen, it feels like a natural progression through the consequences of their actions, that whatever may happen can leave you sad, happy, nervous, bitter, etc. The writers almost strike the perfect balance with every single episode and scene, that even if something stands out as a little cheesy or messed up, you can't fault them for being so near perfect with their execution.

Of course, that's not to say we don't see lots of Dexter, killings, and other misfortunes happening to people or Dexter. No, there is plenty of that, but it never feels like the show relies on some kind of standard frame of things, that everything begins to feel thin and worn out by the second or third season. What keeps Dexter strong, is how many of these events that trouble him really affect Dexter Morgan. Dexter thinks he can't be accepted, he won't ever be normal, or that he won't be able to love someone and be loved back. 

Dexter's motives are constantly changing, and every season it's great to see what those motives are! Is Dexter just killing to be a vigilante? Is he killing for revenge? Will he ever be able to stop killing? 

Dexter and Me

What I also think makes this show so engrossing, is that these characters are people that you can almost relate to. On the other hand, I think Dexter speaks about us and our inner desires that we keep secret. 

What I mean is we aren't serial killers. That's not the point of it. Sure, I love seeing Dexter kill someone who gets away with some heinous crime or something totally heinous, but at the same time it's the fact that Dexter has secrets. Secrets he fears anyone else knowing, because he fears how they will treat him. Does that not happen to everyone? Do you not put on an act for everyone you meet? Are you truly the same person? 

I'm not saying we all lust to kill people or have to kill people like Dexter Morgan does, for the reasons he does. However, Dexter speaks a bit to us, in that we too hate seeing injustice. We too have morals and codes we live by, and most importantly we may have deep dark secrets we don't tell everyone, for fear of how they'll look to us or if they'll even accept us.

Dexter is a bit of me that hides from the world.

Will You Join?

I could tell you that Dexter is many things that I love in a great television show. It's got great acting, and Michael C. Hall is so perfect and fitting as Dexter Morgan, that he made me fall in love with a killer. I could tell you that the shows are some of the best drama and suspense I've ever seen on television. I could tell you that Daniel Licht's musical score is a masterpiece at how it conveys the right emotion for the scene, it creates the perfect atmosphere and every note strikes the right mood and tone perfectly. These are just samples of the technical things of why I also love Dexter, but in the end of the day.... 

I love Dexter because it's just damn good t.v.! If you haven't started, I URGE you to watch it now! You can stream it on Netflix as of this writing, the first two seasons, and rent the rest! I implore you to watch this television series, because I know without a doubt you too will be hooked!

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