Friday, April 8, 2011

What Drives Me?

I've lately been trying to decide, what it is that drives me to live each and every moment I have on this Earth. I have long-term goals, short-term goals, and undefined goals. For some short-term goals, I hope to graduate from my school, earn an education that will help me obtain a career (long-term), and ultimately be married to that one woman who'll make me feel like I'm on top of the universe (undefined).

I know that deep down my goals in life are not just to ultimately be happy here though. In the end, there's only one solution, one ultimate goal, that I hope to obtain. I know the path that I will take to reach this goal is not easy though. I know the struggles that I will have to endure, the trials that I will be tested on, and the chance that I could easily fail forever if I don't keep focused is real.

Before I begin, I would like to say that there are some things right now that greatly drive me and ultimately make me proud to be here today.

First off, my family is without a doubt the greatest motivator and inspiration to me. I know deep down that without them, I would not be the kind, caring, free-spirited, honest and loyal (to a fault even), benevolent protecting person that I am today. I have learned the meaning of patience and have an abundant supply of it. I realize the importance of a strong family bond and how a healthy and happy home is the most important thing here on Earth. Money, power, and material things cannot bring this kind of happiness and security that you have when you're in a happy home.

Perhaps the next best thing to family, is the friends I have. Many of my friends are important to me, and I love all of them. There are some of those friends I have too, that I could never live without, and they hold a place in my heart that makes them feel like family. For me, the friends I have and the drive inside of me is determined by how I look to these friends.

I have friends that support me and keep me enlightened. There are friends who I want to impress, and friends who I want to show what I can do. They also are my friends because I want to see the same. Then there are the friends that I look up to. These friends show me things that I want to obtain in life, they share with me their knowledge and in return I also feel that I contribute some important part of their life on the same level, than just being a great person to hang out with.

The friends that I have and consider family even matter the most. These friends are the rare kind that uplift you, motivate you, and want to see you do nothing more than succeed. When you fall, they'll pick you up, when you are troubled they'll lend a hand, and ultimately when you need them, they are there.

So family and friends, they motivate me the most. I know that they are the strongest support beam to my life. These are great reasons and all, but they aren't just the only motivators. While there are many other things that motivate me and want me to succeed, the ultimate motivator is without a doubt the only reason why I cannot back down from the trials I face. My friends that support me in this and keep my faith strong know very well what I'm referring to. They hold me up, they build my faith, and they help me overcome the ways of the world that I have to endure through.

My driver is my Savior. He does exist, and he keeps me focused on the ultimate goal; to live with him again.

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